Working with Thomas Turgoose and Cadbury

February 26, 2018News

We’ve only got Shaun, err… I mean, Thomas Turgoose in the building! Grimsby lad Thomas, known for his iconic role as Shaun in the award-winning film This Is England – set in 1983, the story centers around young skinheads – “A young boy becomes friends with a gang of skinheads. Friends soon become like family, … Read More

Working with John Prescott on “Made in Yorkshire”

February 21, 2018News

We’ve recently been working on a new TV series with politician and once Deputy Prime Minister of the Great Britain – Baron John Prescott…and what an honour it was to have him round ours! Mr Prescott with his larger than life personality and great sense of humour gets behind the secrets of some of Yorkshire’s … Read More

Working with Adrian Rawlings from Harry Potter

February 19, 2018News

Wowza! Harry Potter’s Dad is in the house! – An absolute pleasure was to have the famous Adrian Rawlings record with us at Engine7 studio. Known best for his role as James Potter – Harry Potter’s Dad, in the blockbuster Harry Potter movies, and for staring inward winning dramas like Silent Witness, and recently Hard … Read More